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Poised to Support New Plastics Pact

27 Apr 2018

Today’s announcement of the world-first ‘plastics pact’ by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) is a positive step for everyone.

More than 40 major businesses involved in the pact, including huge names such as Sainsbury’s, Unilever, Arla, Coca-Cola and Nestle, will work to a series of targets with the over-arching aim of eliminating single-use plastic packaging which is ‘problematic or unnecessary.’

It is hoped that this will be achieved by the development of new designs and seeking alternative ways of taking products to market. It will involve e-commerce methods of delivery where alternatives to the plastic pack will need to be sought. It will involve, by 2025, ensuring 100% of plastic used is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. It will involve a target of 70% of plastic packaging to be effectively recycled or composted.

As one the leading, and largest, independent corrugated packaging companies in the UK our reputation has been built on packaging solutions. We don’t sell standard boxes; we work with businesses, customers, marketing teams, buyers, purchasing and supply chain managers to facilitate efficient packaging solutions which are fit for purpose and, of course, provide one of the most environmentally friendly type of packaging.

The four targets for 2025 outline that this is not about eliminating plastic, it is about recognising how we can best use it and to create a circular economy for the plastic we do need, just as we have for the corrugated industry.

It’s great to see such a positive step for the packaging industry as a whole, and how as a collective, we are looking at ways in which we can care for our environment and that businesses are supporting consumers in being able to make choices that support this.

It is the first initiative of its kind in the world and we hope that it will prompt other countries to follow suit. And, we hope, that more UK businesses will pledge their support to the ‘Plastics Pact’.

This pro-active stance is commendable and we will work with businesses across the UK to support them in achieving these targets and sourcing types of packaging including corrugated which already has the benefit of being 100% recyclable.

Why not get in touch for a full packaging audit to ascertain how corrugated could replace elements of your plastic packaging and together, we can make the 2025 targets happen.

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