Why Corrugated Could Replace Your Plastic Packaging Components

12 Apr 2018

Never before has there been such an emphasis on the use of plastic in the UK. And, with the Government outlining its strategy to tackle this with the launch of its 25 Year Environmental Plan just a few weeks ago, we expect this to remain a pressing matter into the future.

With plastic at the heart of the plans vision, and a recognition that we all need to reduce our consumption of single use plastic, we analysed our activity in removing plastic from packaging solutions where possible and the support we can offer businesses across the UK in providing corrugated solutions that may negate the need for, or reduce, the use of plastic components.

Corrugated packaging has the potential to remove certain elements of single use plastic from packaging solutions due to the strength, flexibility and environmental credentials it offers. And, as an ever-increasing number of businesses look to remove unnecessary use of plastic from all elements of their business, we are working with new and existing customers to support this desire through innovative designs.

“We recognise that the use of plastic remains critical to the products of many businesses such as those transporting liquids yet the pressure is growing on consumers and businesses to eradicate single use plastic from our lifestyles and products,” said Gareth Stell UK Sales Director Boxes and Packaging. “We are working with a variety of industries to remove certain elements of packaging solutions such as plastic handles, plastic crates and dividers and fittings which could be transferred to corrugated with ease and simplicity in many instances.”

Adept at finding new solutions to existing packaging solutions where plastic components are currently utilised, teams at Boxes and Packaging sites across the UK have challenged myriad of packaging designs. Examples include substituting plastic handles in a box designed for a heavy water pump and a number of solutions for bathroom sanitary ware products. Some replacements can be executed with a simple substitution whilst others may require a packaging review which could deliver significant environmental benefits helping businesses achieve their targets to reduce plastic use, perhaps even reducing their carbon emissions and making the business more sustainable.

Gareth appraised the situation by saying; “Boxes and Packaging is about so much more than just a regular brown box – our teams balance this utilitarian packaging with creativity that knows no bounds in terms of how flexible corrugated material can be in protecting products, integrating with supply chain solutions and challenging the perception of plastic components in packaging.

“We urge buyers and packaging professionals to question the use of single use plastic in your packaging and contact your nearest Boxes and Packaging team to ascertain if this could be eliminated.

With guidelines on single use plastic expected to becoming more robust in the coming years a pro-active stance is quite possibly the most sensible approach.”

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