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Committed to High Safety Standards

14 Oct 2016

The packaging industry, just like many others, demands paramount health and safety standards and our commitment to delivering the very highest standards remains a focus for the Group Health and Safety Manager and representatives at each individual site.

Most pleasingly, almost two decades have been reached by several of our sites as they amass impressive reported figures without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) – Manchester and Swindon have achieved 5000 days each, whilst Cambridge and Leicester have accumulated 3000 days each. Oxford is rapidly approaching 2000.

This figure shows substantial achievements for all of the sites and is the result of the hard work and commitment from everyone across the Boxes and Packaging group. Furthermore, it is evidence of the businesses’ ongoing commitment towards an exemplary safety record.

Our Health and Safety champions keep pace with current legislation, place Health and Safety as a priority and have robust policies which all members of the team are expected to adhere to without exception. Encompassed within this is vehicle/pedestrian segregation, Safe manual handling, Noise reduction and management, Machinery safety and Fire prevention and safety.

Each is a critical part of our everyday business operations and, as more challenges are encountered in the workplace, policies are changed and staff are educated to ensure compliance with all legislative and common sense requirements, as well as industry best practice. Who would have thought that in the last ten years it has been necessary to implement a policy to prohibit the use of mobile phones on our factory floors? This would have seemed unthinkable in 1980!

David Grainger, Group Health Safety and Environment Manager commented; “Everyone contributed to achieve these fantastic statistics and we look forward to building on these further as we continue to be diligent about safety as we strive to remain aware and keep our employees and all visitors to site safe. We remain committed to improving our safety procedures for the benefit of our employees, and ensure that our safety record is maintained year on year across all our manufacturing sites.”

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