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Packaging considerations for ecommerce

30 Apr 2021

When running a business of any scale there is always much to consider.

One of those considerations, whether you are a small start-up business or a global multi-national, is packaging; what you need and what you choose to protect product, promote your brand, and meet customer expectations.

Choosing packaging for an ecommerce business in incredibly important. Depending upon the scale of the business and whether it’s an automated packing line or packing by hand, the choice of packaging will undoubtedly have an impact on decision making.

Coupled with an ongoing desire for sustainable packaging to be used, both by businesses and consumers, corrugated continues to be a popular choice for businesses that use ecommerce as a route to market.

Supporting the consumer

One thing that a business has to consider is the impact of its packaging on its consumers. Consumers know what they want from their packaging and they are not afraid to make purchasing decisions taking this into account. The savvy consumer wants their packaging to be sustainable, they want it to be easily recycled through household recycling channels and they want the use of packaging to be efficient. They expect that their goods will arrive intact and undamaged and that should the product warrant it, that a positive unboxing experience is enjoyed. Businesses have a responsibility to deliver this and to also make opening the packaging as easy as possible with the addition of ripper tabs and paper-based tape.

Supporting the business

In addition to ensuring the consumer is supported it is also important that the business benefits from its packaging choices. Bespoke design is perhaps the best way to maximise the benefits of packaging; it can ensure that material use is efficient, that products are easy to pack (either by hand or through an automated system) and that products are protected so that returns are minimised, and consumer expectations are met.

If you are a business that operates through ecommerce channels the importance of getting your packaging solution right has never been more important. Gone are the days when a product is sent on its way in a re-purposed pack, some void fill and a crossing of the fingers to wish it on its way.

The right choice and the right impression

Now it’s about making an impression and realising that your packaging choice is almost as important as the product itself. Consumers don’t want to order clothing made from recycled fibres for it to arrive heavily encased in plastic. They don’t want to order an item that rattles around in a huge box because the packing line use a one size fits all option.

Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to your packaging and remember that we are here to help find the packaging solution that your business deserves.

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