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Prospering UK drinks sector supported by corrugated solutions

03 Jun 2020

Last month we focused on Supermarket Ready Packaging; this month we’re taking a look at how corrugated packaging supports the UK drinks industry.

The UK drinks industry has developed significantly over the last decade with the rise of vineyards, micro-breweries, small batch distillers and non-alcoholic alternatives becoming evident in communities across the UK.

It has been supported by, and to some extent, driven by the consumer demand for craft ale, small batch gins, English wine and fizz and non-alcoholic beverages contributing to market expansion and a continuing upwards sales trend.

In recent weeks, when Britain has had the ability to visit the pub, wine bar or restaurant taken away from them, the sales of alcohol within the UK has risen by 31.4% at the last set of statistics. This does not necessarily suggest that we are drinking more; just that we are buying it from a different source. This mirrors the food market that has seen exponential growth, however; when statistics reported that 1 in 5 meals was eaten out in some form, there is little wonder that the food and drink sectors have burgeoned given that this is now all being enjoyed at home, apart from a few takeaway options.

We are expert providers to the UK drinks industry and extensive research and testing has been undertaken by us to ensure products can not only navigate their way through the supply chain but also capitalise on brand identity and consumer loyalty where necessary. We apply this knowledge and these principles to help drinks manufacturers and providers with their packaging solutions.

Easily identified

We are proud to work with everyone from small, independent vineyards and whisky distillers to the largest drinks manufacturer in the world.

It shows the diversity that we can bring to create packaging solutions that not only protect product, through either supply chain or ecommerce channels, but also promote the brand; many of which have become so easily identified they can be picked out purely from the colours, fonts, typography or straplines.

We work with our customers to ensure that this consistent brand messaging is replicated through their packaging, either on external transit packs in a simple fashion, right through to luxury packaging which can create memorable unboxing experiences for the recipient.

It’s a diverse range of capabilities that we offer and this is why many drinks manufacturers, across all sectors, choose Boxes and Packaging as their preferred supplier to support product distribution to third party retailers or direct to the consumer.

A variety of solutions

Boxes and Packaging has always been incredibly well represented in the UK drinks sector and has offered a range of solutions from transit packs, gift and presentation boxes, bag-in-box solutions, ecommerce delivery packs and retail display units.

All have their place within the diverse market place and the solutions can be combined to meet with the demands of the manufacturer or producer.

It goes without saying that the nature of corrugated packaging solutions supports sustainability and recycling policies not only for the manufacturers but for the consumer or end user too.

Combined with its strength and adaptability it supports many demands and the retail environment where more retailers are asking that suppliers provide products in plastic free packaging.

Non-alcoholic pivotal in drinks sector growth

In addition to the wonderful variety of vineyards, breweries and distilleries the non-alcoholic drinks sector is enjoying significant growth. In 2019 non-alcoholic spirits also topped £37m in sales and it is tipped to double again in the next 5 years. With younger generations drinking less as they become more health aware, the advent of Gen Z into adult hood (generally the second decade of the 2000’s) will continue to drive this sector growth.

Pleasingly, from a packaging perspective, corrugated supports the generation demands for recyclable and sustainable packaging. And, as with the alcoholic sector, the strength of the packaging both practically and metaphorically, can help customer engagement to drive sales in a retail environment.

Corrugated packaging, us and your business

Correctly specified packaging solutions in the drinks sector can:

– Aid production line and packing efficiencies
– Protect product
– Drive sales and customer engagement
– Lower costs in terms of efficient packaging use and damaged product/returns
We offer:

– Variable production runs to support the smallest manufacturers, all the way through to the world’s largest
– Full design service
– Comprehensive knowledge, decades of experience and group resilience
– Range of print solutions and finishes
We’ve already formed many winning partnerships with drinks manufacturers and retailers; why not join us?

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