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Could changing your packaging increase warehouse efficiency?

08 Feb 2021

Demand for warehousing has been huge in the last 12 months as the perfect storm of Covid-19 and Brexit kicked in.

With many products requiring some form of packaging or another, and warehouse space at a premium, questions should be asked as to whether the way your products are packed are delivering maximum warehousing efficiencies in terms of pallet quota, racking space and also delivery efficiencies.

Make space matter

Space is costly. Moving fresh air around is expensive and, as consumers and businesses alike continue to name and shame the companies that over-package or put small products in huge packs, it’s becoming more important for businesses to pack their products efficiently and to use any necessary packaging efficiently too. Reviewing the way that products are shipped either through the supply chain, or to end users, could save you space and in turn reduce costs and add value to the entire packaging and warehousing process.

Damage limitation

One of the primary aims of good quality packaging is to protect product through whichever element of the supply chain it passes. We’ve got first-hand experience that packaging that is fit for purpose can reduce product returns, decreasing waste, protecting brand reputation and enhancing the customer experience whether that is the retailer, or the consumer. By ensuring the product is sufficiently protected, damage can be managed in a much more effective way, indeed it can be eliminated. This means that warehouses can operate more efficiently without having to store or return damaged product.

Waste not want not

Choosing packaging that can be effectively recycled can also have an impact on warehouse efficiencies. For any product that is unwrapped to either be displayed or re-packed for distribution, there will be the inevitable packaging waste. By choosing a material that has an established recycling channel the storage required for waste packaging can be decreased further enhancing the efficient use of premium warehouse space. And, by choosing corrugated that is made from recycled material and can be fully recycled it’s a sustainable decision too.

There is never a better time to review how your products are packaged and determine whether it could enhance your warehouse efficiency.

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