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Corrugated or Cardboard? Know the difference?

19 Nov 2020

Corrugated or cardboard? Do you know what the difference is and how it fits into your packaging requirements?

Boxes and Packaging are corrugated specialists, the heavy-duty type of board with the waves in the middle! This corrugation is what gives the board its strength. You will often hear it talked about as single, double or triple ‘wall’ and this refers to the number of corrugations in the board.

Corrugated board offers much greater strength than cardboard (also known as carton board, solid board or paper board) and it is this strength, combined with its versatility and design capabilities that positions it as a preferred favourite within the supply chain of so many diverse businesses.

So, that’s corrugated in a two second resume; now, what’s cardboard? In another two second run- down, it’s the stuff without the corrugations; cereal boxes, luxury packaging, sleeves that surround food stuffs – that type of thing.

Whilst there is a significant difference, and anyone who is part of the B&P team will tell you the difference is important to them, the thing is that the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive even though they are very different.

Boxes and Packaging across the UK make outer corrugated boxes to provide transit through the supply chain to products already boxed in ‘cardboard’ solutions. So, whisky distilleries, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and many more still need to ship their product to market or end users and need it to arrive there intact and undamaged. And that’s where the versatility of corrugated comes into its own.

That said, corrugated can also provide high quality, visually aesthetic solutions; it’s not just about brown boxes. We are proud to offer solutions to vineyards and cider makers, eye catching Point of Sale (POS) displays to retailers and manufactures alike, retail ready packs and boxes that are truly innovative in both construction and print.

In the current climate, where companies are striving to validate their CSR policies by using materials in their business operations that are recyclable or are from recycled material; corrugated has never been so popular.

And, in the hands of Boxes and Packaging, the opportunities are endless. Together we can ‘Make it Possible’.

For all your packaging enquiries whether you currently use corrugated or not, please get in touch with your nearest site, they’ll be happy to help –

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