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Point of Sale packaging and how it integrates into the retail sector

20 May 2020

In the second of our series unlocking supermarket ready packaging, we take a look at the way in which another type of packaging solution plays its part in the retail sector – Point of Sale (POS) Packaging.

This is another element of Supermarket Ready Packaging which integrates into the way in which supermarkets and other retail outlets can draw attention to particular goods, either as a ‘one off’ or seasonal promotion, or to drive sales in one particular sector or product.

It is another area where the retail sector, both product manufacturers and product retailers, can engage with their audiences, draw customer attention to product and in turn drive sales. As with Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP,) Point of Sale (POS) Packaging can be used across a variety of sectors bringing added value to brands and retailers and a healthy return on investment.

What is Point of Sale Packaging (POS)?

Point of Sale packaging is ideal for promoting goods either at cash desks, focal points in store or larger displays such as at aisle ends. It displays the product in an eye catching, visually engaging way to capture the attention of the customer and illicit a feeling that this is a product they need to buy even if it was not something they were planning on. They can be of a larger format for more cumbersome products or larger displays, and these are known as Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs). Another common POS display position is in foyers or entrances to retail outlets to allow for product specials to be seen early on in the customer experience.

What makes a good Point of Sale Pack?

To be successful a POS pack should be eye catching and encapsulate the brand, product and any offer or seasonality clearly, so that information is easily understood by the customer.
Ideally it should integrate into a wider sales and marketing campaign with ease and indeed, POS packaging can form the basis of campaigns to drive sales during a fixed period of time or, of a particular product in a given time span. It should deliver functionality as well so that the product is easily picked or removed from the display in a timely manner to make the customer selection speedy once the decision to buy has been made. Added complications may drive the buyer to change their mind. Furthermore, it should stand out from typical retail displays so that it has maximum potential to create impulse purchases.

From a retailer perspective, it should also meet their needs so that it enjoys longevity in a retail environment over whatever period of time the campaign may last for. This can be achieved through bespoke design to ensure the POS pack is fit for purpose and can be updated or interchanged as required. As they are made from corrugated, the recycling and sustainability credentials are perfect for retailers who have ever more stringent controls and requirements on packaging waste and how this is recycled responsibly.

What does a typical POS look like?

The beauty of a POS product is that is can be completely autonomous to the brand. All designs and styles can benefit from high quality printing and the teams at Boxes and Packaging, and the wider Logson Group, have considerable presence with award winning designs in a variety of sectors including household, confectionary, DIY, gardening, cosmetic and food.

POS packaging can envelop a wide range of board grades to cope with different product shapes and sizes and outer transit boxes are easily specified to ensure safe transportation through the supply chain. Size is almost immaterial within reason giving great flexibility for POS solutions to be used across a wide variety of platforms and in many and varied situations in retail environments, not just in supermarkets.

Giving a competitive edge in a retail environment the POS pack helps to build relationships with retailers driving sales that are mutually beneficial to both manufacturer and retailer.
We’re happy to talk to you and show you how POS can deliver benefits in terms of sales, market presence, brand awareness and retail longevity and form part of an integrated sales and marketing campaign, be that brand based, or product based.

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