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How RRP Can Elevate Your Brand

29 Oct 2018

RRP (Retail Ready Packaging) is packaging that displays your product ready for the consumer to select from, making the purchase easy. Often eye-catching in colour or design; or imposing in a retail situation, customers are often attracted to such packaging solutions instantly driving impulsive purchases, and in turn sales.

Additionally, RRP can become synonymous with certain brands. Think of a trip to the DIY store or the supermarket; there are brands that you know will choose RRP displays to market their products either on an annual basis, or choosing seasonal events to capitalise on.

With this in mind many businesses and brands explore the options surrounding RRP, and innovative designs and iconic branding can all help to drive consumers to your products be that a festive chocolate treat or a DIY product.

It is important to remember that RRP often forms part of a retail marketing strategy and we work together with small independents through to large multi-nationals to integrate RRP into their brand strategies, marketing plans and sales campaigns and targets to ensure success is achieved.

RRP can elevate your brand by:

– Driving efficiencies at the point of stock replenishment

– Influencing customer choice

– Promoting product and brand

– Placing your brand as preferred choice due to the simplicity and attractiveness of your RRP solution

The most effective RRP solutions are created with a holistic vision in mind – that is, to ensure that the pack is suitable for all elements of its ‘life’ from point of manufacture to the time that your customer makes their selection. Incorporated within this is its ease of transportation through the supply chain, ease of storage at distribution or individual store, ease of opening, visual aesthetics to both stores and consumers, and the simplicity as to how it can be disposed of.

The mechanics of RRP and how it integrates into brand strategies and marketing briefs is a complex process which is challenging to communicate in detail. Yet, the power delivered by its simplicity can deliver considerable retail success for new or established brands.

Our customers know that we are adept at making RRP solutions intuitive, fit for purpose and, by working together early in the process, we can ensure that our solutions work in synergy with your brand communicating essential brand and product information and ensuring its journey from conception to completion is engaging at each and every stage.


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