Egg-cellent solution for food delivery service

Case Study - Design Innovation

Egg-cellent solution for food delivery service


The brief was to work with an organic food supplier to create a pack for eggs to be able to be transported safely via its delivery mechanism. This was to support a new service which was a 'recipe in a box' which often incorporated eggs.


We were required to produce a pack that would support an egg from supplier to end user. However, due to regulations that require egg producers to pack eggs at source, a solution that supported all elements of the chain was necessary. We created a single egg box that could be sent directly to the producer for packing, would protect the egg, be 100% recyclable and drive brand awareness.


This premium organic food company that supplies direct to households across the UK benefitted from our design flair and product knowledge to create a simple, yet highly effective solution that improved the image, presentation and protection of the eggs. A 100% success rate is enjoyed and since then, further work has taken place with the company to support its packaging needs and its desire for that packaging to be made from recycled material and be able to be easily recycled by the end user.