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Ten recycling facts and stats about corrugated

25 Sep 2020

With national Recycle Week drawing to a close, we thought we’d share a few Friday Facts regarding corrugated.

• According to the EPRC (European Paper Recycling Council) a paper and board recycling rate of 83.6% was achieved in 2018. (Source: FEFCO)
• It is currently believed that the UK has a corrugated recycling rate of around 84%
• Already this exceeded the 75% target set in the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (Source: FEFCO)
• There is an industry target of 85% by 2030 set by the European Commission (Source:FEFCO)
• Corrugated packaging, in the main, can be recycled through normal household waste channels
• It is estimated that there are 25% more trees today than there was a 100 years ago due to sustainable forestry
• Waste corrugated can be recycled up to seven times before its quality is downgraded and deemed not strong enough for future use.
• Most corrugated materials and grades have between 70 and 90% recycled content
• On average, UK manufactured corrugated boxes contain 76% recycled fibre which can be from old corrugated boxes or carton (CPI)
• It is estimated the UK uses around 5 billion boxes each year

So, whilst you know some facts and stats about the corrugated sector are you using corrugated to its full potential?

If you’d like further advice, design and information about how corrugated can support your sustainable packaging then please get in touch with the team at your local Boxes and Packaging site.

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