Thinking about the box

14 May 2024

Thinking outside the box is perhaps one of the most cliched motivational phrases, but what happens when you really do think outside and inside the box…

Thinking outside the box

The outside of the box is the fundamental and functional part of the design. The type of box or pack should be carefully considered for the product in question and for its purpose. Simple questions are ascertained early in the process such as…

*Is it for an ecommerce solution that needs easy access via a ripper tape?
*Is it a large format supply chain solution that requires innovative design to protect high value product?
*Is it a high quality gift pack for a premium product?

Clearly understanding the brief and supply chain requirements from the customer enables our teams to create a solution that completely meets their expectations; indeed, we often share our expertise to develop a solution that goes that little bit further.

Also on the outside of the box is the print. This can be more functional and communicate essential product information, or it can be more creative to catch the eye of consumers as they wander past in a retail setting. Either way, print plays an important part in packaging design and our customers benefit from a range of machinery to offer everything from simple one colour to high quality six colour and digital print.

Thinking inside the box

Our sites have a diverse range of capabilities, and the design flair of our teams gives way to us realising that the inside of a box can be just as important as the outside.

Print can be utilised to give a dynamic unboxing experience, but practical inside parts of the box can also aid product protection and separation through cleverly designed fittings and dividers.

At our recent design conference, it was enlightening to see designs that incorporate both print and functional design inside a box. Designs included a pack for our luxury skin care brand that had been redesigned to allow instructions for use and company information to be printed on the lift-up lid, therefore no longer requiring a separate instruction leaflet.

Another, had simple, yet cleverly designed fittings to protect a heavy and cumbersome piece of sports equipment that travelled across the global supply chain from point of manufacture to end user. A high value product, it was essential that the product, and the pack, arrived at the end destination intact.

How we think about the box, both inside and outside

No matter what our customers are looking for in the corrugated packaging world, our teams can help. With a diverse range of design and manufacturing capabilities to support business from small independent to global blue chips and across pretty much every industry sector you can think of, our teams across the UK are known for their creative flair and genuine appreciation of corrugated. They understand how the best designs work, how different board grades perform in those designs, and how packaging plays an intrinsic part in the supply of all products whether its tractor radiators to the US, or English wine gift packs to the South coast.

Simply, the secret to good packaging is choosing a company that is experienced and understands the industry.

But the secret to great packaging is choosing Boxes and Packaging as your corrugated packaging partner.

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