Inaugural Business Improvement Academy is great success

17 May 2023

The inaugural Business Improvement Academy launched by Logson Group in partnership with JLC Consultants has been hailed a resounding success by both participants and sponsors alike.

Launched to promote learning and development for managers and supervisors across the group, the BIA was created around the principles of We Make It Safe, the health and safety vision of the Logson Group which underpins all activities within this area of the business.

Dan Watts, Head of Group Health and Safety commented; “It was great to see team members from across the group join together to learn and to support each other with their respective presentations. Some superb work was done, and very positive learning outcomes achieved for each participant.”

Delegates taking part were asked to focus on a topic relevant to their roles and respective businesses, and design and implement projects to create a programme of ongoing improvement around the subject.

Yasmin Collins, Logistics and Warehouse Supervisor, Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster) commented; “This training came at the perfect time for me as I started my new role, and it formed part of my training and development plan.

“It really was a great experience – Colin and Agnes from JLC were hugely supportive and encouraging and in addition to the learning, it was lovely to make connections with people from other sites who I can contact for further learning and development opportunities.”

Emma Edwards, Administration Manager, Boxes and Packaging (Birmingham) added; “This course was brilliant for my own development, but really brought people together as a group and showed me how other sites may do things differently to Birmingham.

“I’ve worked for the business for many years, and to see how we operate within the Boxes and Packaging and Logson Group brands was interesting. If other team members have the opportunity to take part, I’d definitely recommend it.”

Our thanks go to JLC Consulting.

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