Putting packaging efficiencies at the top of the agenda

15 Nov 2022

An ever-increasing number of businesses are seeking ways of ensuring their packaging is as efficient and sustainable as possible to meet with stringent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.

Pleasingly, corrugated is perhaps the most sustainable packaging material out there and when our teams have worked their magic with it, an efficient packaging solution is created!

So, why should packaging efficiencies be at the top of everyone’s agenda?

Material efficiencies

Correctly designed solutions, created by experienced industry professional such as our designers, ensures that materials are used efficiently. The correct board grade is selected, the product is protected correctly and that wherever possible, the entire solution is made from corrugated.

Strength and durability

When used correctly corrugated packaging solutions can deliver unrivalled strength and durability. This protects product, minimises product damage avoid costly, carbon heavy returns and delivers greater end user and manufacturer satisfaction.

Sustainable and Recyclable

All our board comes from FSC sources and sustainably managed forests. Furthermore, our board is made from at least 80% recycled material and can be 100% recycled. This means that businesses can meet environmental and carbon targets a little easier and that the environmentally conscious business or consumer is satisfied that packaging streams are easily recycled through commercial or domestic recycling channels.

Choosing the right packaging solution that delivers efficiencies in several ways can bring so many benefits.

Why not allow us to discuss your current or new packaging supply solutions and ensure that you are maximising efficiencies and can make an informed decision.

To speak to a member of our team simply choose which site is closest to your business location, give them a call and let’s get started –

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