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Colour, packaging, and brand awareness

06 Jan 2022

It’s that time of year when the ‘Colours of the Year’ are spoken of. As they start to appear in home and interiors media platforms, it gave way to us thinking about how colour influences consumers and professional purchasers in their buying decisions and why, in the right situations, colour can be a superb sales tool and brand ambassador for your business.

Whilst we’re not suggesting you start printing boxes in ‘Very Peri’ Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2022, or getting print ideas from Farrow and Ball who have cited five simple and connected colours for their 2022 preference, it is perhaps worth thinking about how colour could elevate your packaging to a whole new level.

Brand awareness

Now, many businesses have spent time and good money on creating a logo or a company brand, but you may be surprised to know that there is still a good proportion of them that don’t use that brand identity on the simple and straightforward packaging.

For some this is a matter of privacy, some merely print the contents of the box and relative bar and QR codes so that the box and its content can navigate their way through the supply chain. For some, they are perhaps yet to recognise the importance of how brand identification and association can deliver a positive impact on brand awareness and subsequent sales.

Making colour and your brand work for you

However, there is also an ever-growing number of customers who are exploring the impact that colour and print can have on their packaging.

Whether it’s a brown box with a logo on, or a fully high-quality printed pack that creates a customer journey, there is a place for colour in most packaging solutions.

Even the ever-popular black print on brown board delivers a strong, clear communicative message and can be a simple, yet effective way of communicating essential information such as pack quantity, directions as to how to store and exactly what is contained within the pack.

The influence of colour on consumers, and how it affects everything from wellbeing to professional perception, has been extensively researched and the subliminal messages that are imparted are considered when company logos and brands are conceived. With such hidden science behind many brands, even the purple used by Cadbury is commonly referred to as ‘Cadbury purple’, we believe that it is important to ensure your brand is replicated across all visual elements of a business and that includes your packaging.

Rest assured that we are adept at ensuring brands and the colours that have been carefully selected to represent them, are integrated into a whole range of packaging solutions from transit packaging, ecommerce, and retail ready, to eye catching, innovative gift packaging.

Perhaps the key to success is being proud of your brand and the colour palette within, to use it wherever possible and, where appropriate, push the boundaries in terms of packaging design to create something that is truly memorable.

Combine great packaging design and the colours of your brand and your packaging will definitely stand out whether that’s on a supermarket shelf, in a warehouse or when a home delivery drops through the letter box.

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