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Packaging choices and warehouse optimisation

23 Nov 2021

Packaging can play a key part in the way that warehouses operate and choosing the right packaging can deliver measurable benefits for small and large businesses alike.

Whilst the aesthetics of the packaging solution is important, it also has to deliver great functionality. This will support all elements of how the packaging navigates its way through the supply chain and warehouse systems.

Here are some of the ways in which packaging can integrate with warehouse optimisation targets

It protects product

Firstly, correctly specified packaging can protect product across a variety of shipping channels and warehouse situations. From the packing line, where simplicity and material efficiency is key, to the loading and unloading of vehicles, a packaging solution that is designed specifically for that purpose can ensure product arrives safe and intact.

It minimises damage and costly returns

By protecting products, the damage, and subsequent often costly returns, can be minimised. This prevents the return of product to the warehouse, a process that can be time consuming and that can add a further challenge to the running of an efficient warehouse and stock management system.

It’s good for the environment

The emphasis on sustainability is a huge target for many businesses and many now look for businesses that supply products in recyclable and sustainable packaging. By ensuring supply chains are sustainable, weight can also be reduced by using corrugated and good designs can remove ‘fresh air’ from packs making shipping more effective, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

It provides vital info

The beauty of corrugated packaging is that anything can be printed on there. So QR codes, bar codes, product codes, brand names, marketing messages, in fact whatever information you need, can be printed to help with storage, locating stock, order picking and communicating with the end user about the product within the pack.

When it’s done right, packaging can have a very positive impact on the supply chain and the efficiency of warehouse operations.

We offer packaging audits to all customers where we look at ways to remove non-recyclable material from your supply chain and make the entire process more efficient and sustainable.

Just contact your local B&P site and they’ll be happy to help.

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