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Things to consider when choosing packaging solutions

03 Aug 2021

Choosing a packaging solution can be critical to business operations, ensuring businesses can supply goods to customers in many different ways.

However, choosing the right packaging solution can not only fulfil day to day requirements, it can also ensure product damage is minimised, communicate with customers, create a positive opening experience, and also support sustainability requirements regarding packaging recycling that businesses may have in place.

Making corrugated a preferred choice is a wise choice; it’s sustainable, is easily recycled and made from recycled products, however, there are many things that should be considered when choosing packaging whether that is a simple brown box, a complex supply chain solution, a ‘wow factor’ gift box, or eye catching point of sale display.

Here are our top tips to consider when choosing your packaging solution and remember, our teams are here to offer assistance, and experienced recommendations, to ensure you get it right.

* Consider the end user requirements; is it an unboxing experience, or a more modest supply chain solution?

* Does the packaging have to protect product?

* Do products within the pack have to be protected from each other?

* Does the pack have to be temperature controlled?

* Who’s providing the packaging solution? Do they have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure it is fit for purpose?

* Can they support you with the necessary delivery requirements?

*Does the pack have to comply with any legislative requirements such as transportation of hazardous or dangerous goods?

*Does the pack have to comply with any other requirements such as delivery and recycling requirements by your customer; more and more are implementing charges for using hard to recycle or single use materials.

Making the right choice can deliver added business benefits, reduce costs, streamline packing line operations, improve brand visibility, and increase customers and choosing corrugated can support all of this and more.

To speak to any member of our teams, who are located across the UK, click the link to find details of your nearest Boxes and Packaging site – https://www.boxesandpackaging.co.uk/getintouch.html

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