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Investing in our leadership team

28 Jul 2021

No matter how busy a business is, time must always be made for training and development and, over the last year, our senior team of production managers and supervisors have been taking part in the pilot scheme of our newly created Leadership Development Programme.

It has been created specifically for our business, with content provided by a number of leading Health and Safety training companies, alongside in house learning. The entire course comprises of individual learning requirements, with follow up in-person courses, to encourage peer to peer learning and share best practice.

The course engages with our Make it Safe vision and covers three core elements. Each subsection then gives an introduction into the subject matter, the competencies required, mandatory and additional training requirements and how competence could be demonstrated in subjects as varied as ergonomics, training management and health and wellbeing.

Designed to underpin and reinforce the key elements of the groups Make it Safe vision, the pilot programme has now been completed and it will be implemented across the Logson Group in the coming months.

Jakub Brudzynski, Operations Manager at Boxes and Packaging (Merseyside) commented; “The course is really well structured and a really useful of blend of in-person and individual training modules. It’s been great to meet people from across the group in similar roles to me and know that we can rely on each other to provide assistance or support when required.”

Mark Ryan, Group Health and Safety Manager commented; “The course has been very well received and has given our senior managers and supervisors an opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and identify any developmental training to assist them in carrying out their roles. It raises awareness, reminds them of their legislative requirements, explains how to maintain and develop a pro-active health and safety culture in business and understand how our Make it Safe vision integrates into every element of health and safety in our workplaces.

“We look forward to our remaining staff taking part, and any new members of the team will benefit from the training too in the future.”

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