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Three Years Since CBC Acquisition

29 Jun 2021

Boxes and Packaging is proud to be part of the Logson Group, a multi-faceted packaging company comprised of several entities, one of which is The Cardboard Box Company.

Acquired by the group around three years ago, it was established in the mid 1970’s and enjoyed rapid expansion through the 80’s and 90’s. Today, Cardboard Box Company run by managing director Ken Shackleton, has a turnover of over £20m.

Renowned for its high-quality print, utilising multiple different print technologies, Cardboard Box Company offers a variety of services, including CAD design, artwork graphics and packaging testing, along with packaging solutions across multiple sectors, from retail and display stands, to industrial and transit Packaging.

Based in Accrington, Lancashire, the company now employs 125 people, making up a large and valued part of the Logson Groups 1000+ employees.

Cardboard Box Company has also worked closely with other elements of the Logson Group, assisting Boxes and Packaging in the manufacture of specialised products and tailored packaging solutions. This partnership is uniquely skilled at meeting customer demands and continues to grow monthly in both customers served and inter-company sales.

During the three years within the Logson Group, Cardboard Box Company has continued to deliver success, with a portfolio of over 400 customers across the United Kingdom, with many situated close to the headquarters of the company. Prior to joining the Logson Group a staggering 65% of their customer base was within their home county of Lancashire. Since becoming part of Logson their customer base is extending nationally.

To continue the high-class print and packaging solutions that the Logson Group pride themselves on, Cardboard Box Company recently underwent a 40,000 square foot expansion, to maximise both its production capacity and storage.

Expanding its size has served the company well, allowing it to maximise production and keep pace with the booming industry through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ken Shackleton, Managing Director at Cardboard Box Company stated: ‘I have been at Cardboard Box Company for many years and am incredibly proud of the skilled and professional team that we have here. I am excited to see where the future may lead us, through both our individual successes and our partnership with other members of the Logson group.’

Cardboard Box Company has won and been shortlisted for many awards on many occasions including UK Packaging Awards, Starpack Awards, EFIA print awards and more.
Further information can be found by visiting https://www.thecardboardbox.co.uk/

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