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Paper-based packaging and a post pandemic world

28 May 2021

Paper has become the preferred material for a whole range of packaging solutions, not just corrugated cardboard.

Rightly so, the general public is actively choosing products that are packaging and/or delivered in paper-based solutions, so that recycling can take place more easily, and that single use plastic is eradicated.

However, in one recent report by Two Sides, ‘Paper in a post-pandemic world’, it was found that two misconceptions seemed to be circulating regarding paper production and paper recycling.

Here’s what’s actually happening, and why it’s entirely positive for the corrugated and paper-based packaging industries.

Paper recycling

Only 17% of UK consumers believe the paper recycling rate exceeds 60% when, in fact, the UK’s recycling rate for paper packaging is 84%. This means that 84% of what we use is recycled and remade into new paper-based products giving reassurance that recycling is going well.

Forest growth

The report also discovered during the research that 59% of UK consumers believe that European Forests are shrinking when they are growing by the equivalent of 1500 football pitches each day. This is extremely positive news for the industry, and for businesses and consumers who can be reassured that choosing paper-based packaging solutions is the responsible thing to do.

It does appear though that many UK consumer are choosing corrugated and paper-based solutions with the right intent and these were the top five reasons that people attributed to their corrugated and paper packaging choices:

77% because it is home compostable
64% because it is lighter weight
62% because it is less expensive
55% because it is better for the environment
51% because it is easier to recycle

In times where things remain uncertain in so many ways, it is reassuring to know that the key messages about sustainable packaging choices are being realised and that we remain committed to educating businesses and consumers and working with businesses to achieve their sustainability goals through the choice of bespoke designed, fit for purpose corrugated solutions.

To read the full report visit Two-Sides-2021-Campaign-Update-Q1.pdf (twosides.info)

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