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Tile manufacturer switches to recyclable packaging streams

25 Mar 2021

A leading manufacturer of tiles in the UK has switched to a recyclable packaging solution after working with our design team in the North.

The brief from the customer was to remove all non-recyclable packaging from an existing solution, whereby display boards were dispatched across the UK on wooden pallets and shrink wrapped.

Driven by a desire to remove the non-recyclable packaging stream and limit damage, the B&P team were commissioned to find a suitable solution. Ideally reductions in pack weight, material and labour were to be achieved without comprising the effectiveness of the product.

A composite pallet pack solution was designed that consisted of a base tray, inner sleeve and top cap which gave unrivalled protection and reduced packing times considerably. Furthermore, the new pack weighed considerably less than the previous one also reducing C02 emissions through the distribution process.

All stretch wrap was removed from the packaging solution and the new product is now 100% recyclable. Reductions to the tune of 23% cost and 25% weight were achieved.

This Supply Chain improvement solution shows how new solutions can be found, the versatility of corrugated and how this interacts in delivering supply chain efficiencies whilst supporting businesses to become more sustainable.

Stephen Ward, Supply Chain Solutions Designer commented; “This is a perfect example of how corrugated can be engineered to create a packaging solution that not only protects product but also delivers on achieving business sustainability goals and driving labour and cost efficiencies. We continue to work with a wide variety of businesses who are keen to remove non-recyclable packaging materials or to reap the benefits of warehouse and supply chain efficiencies.”

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