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Why packaging is your silent sales tool

26 Feb 2021

Packaging can add value to many aspects of business, not least protecting products through the supply chain.

However, the subliminal messages that it conveys can add more value than perhaps appreciated. This is why good packaging can be a silent sales tool, driving brand awareness, increasing market share and enhancing the bottom line.

Brand Awareness

Especially in the days of online shopping brand awareness has never been more important both for securing new and repeat business. When consumers are unable to wander aimlessly around shopping centres and high streets, they are turning to brands that they perceive to be reliable and of a high quality. Driving brand awareness can be achieved through engaging packaging either through transit packaging that ensure goods arrive intact at each point through the supply chain, or high quality ‘unboxing’ packaging that consumers can really buy into. Think of the likes of GHD Helios, The White Company, Hotel Chocolat to name just a few. They’ve all got the packaging thing nailed and have grown as brands for it. Also, as experience has shown, many of the smaller independents have jumped on the packaging bandwagon in the last year creating great receiving experiences that have made a lasting impression and are putting a great big tick in the brand awareness box in their business plans.

Increasing market share

Once people know of your brand and they have had a positive experience they are more likely to return. That positive experience can be attributed to several aspects of the purchasing process; ease of navigation on website, delivery times, customer communication and the way the products arrive. If they are intact and are in premium packaging it has been found that over half of shoppers would shop again from a business if premium packaging was used. Once customers have had the positive experience they are more likely to recommend, more likely to buy again and businesses are more likely to increase their market share. Add sustainability into the mix (almost ¾ of participants in a global survey said they would pay more for sustainable packaging) and it becomes apparent that packaging really is a driver for enhanced sales.

The bottom line

So, we’ve shown, albeit briefly, that quality packaging can enhance the bottom line by increasing brand awareness and market share. In 2021 businesses need to understand what a pivotal part packaging can play and why, when done well, it can be a silent sales tool. Gone are the days when products could be put in a re-purposed box with some void fill popped in and sent on its way with fingers crossed. Now, it’s all about quality, customer experience and engagement, and sustainability. Is now the time to up your packaging game and let it help promote and sell your products?

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