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Colour, packaging and the influence it has

26 Jan 2021

Colour has a far bigger impact on consumers than we perhaps think. If we listed iconic brands such as Cadbury, Starbucks, Easy Jet and Ikea; a certain colour springs to mind immediately. These colours have now become an intrinsic part of these brands so its important that due consideration is given to the colours that you choose for your brand and how they are translated across all your business communications and business materials, including packaging.

January is the month when those that influence colour trends announce their colour of the year. Dulux, who typically influence interior trends, but have also seen these colours translate into brand concepts at a similar time have chosen ‘Brave Ground’ an earthy, warm and welcoming colour that pairs well with many others.

In direct contrast, Pantone, the colour kings of the world, and the colour system that we use, has announced that it will be having two this year – Illuminating; a vibrant yellow and Ultimate Grey – and is described on its website as ‘A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”

Much research has been done into colour and the subliminal messages that they give and almost all branding agencies will take this into account when creating your brand concepts. It’s really important then that you continue this branding across all visible elements of your business, including your packaging.

We work with all our customers to assist in this integration so that your brand and colour representation is consistent across all your packaging solutions from outer transit cases to ecommerce delivery boxes and retail ready packs.

Combined with innovative packaging design, timely supply chains and detailed packaging advice your packaging and your brand combined are a great tool in promoting your business and protecting your products, your brand and your reputation.

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