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Making it easy to choose recyclable packaging

21 Sep 2020

Recycle Week 2020 has got underway with the theme of ‘Together – We Recycle’.

We are proud that our products are 100% recyclable, not only for our corporate customers, but for our consumer end users where they are recycled typically through kerbside or at local recycling centres.

As consumers continue to drive demand for packaging that is recyclable, and also that which is easy to recycle, we take a brief look at the three key reasons that make it easier to choose recyclable packaging and choose responsible packaging choices.

Social Responsibility

Packaging has never been under more scrutiny and, as consumers and businesses have become more aware and more educated about the negative impact that non-recyclable packaging can have on the environment, an ever increasing number of businesses are making conscious decisions to choose materials that don’t end up in landfill. There are several choices that can be made to support such business visions, and corrugated can play a significant part in allowing non-recyclable materials to be removed from packaging solutions through innovative design and industry knowledge as to how it can be used to greatest effect.

In addition, the UK is fairly self-sufficient when it comes to recycled paper for corrugated packaging. With a truly circular process the paper is converted into boxes, used around the UK and is then recycled through an excellent recycling infrastructure meaning it can be recycled and remanufactured many times without leaving UK shores.


In addition to the responsibility aspect, recyclable packaging is also hugely versatile. Great developments are being made to explore how paper can be made into products for drinks and food stuffs and a recent study by Tesco saw the soft plastic on cheese wrappings become recyclable.

Corrugated is perhaps one of the most versatile materials though. In its raw state it can be recycled with ease in all sectors and is then recycled again to form a new paper product. Renowned for its strength and durability it can be used in so many ways from small to huge boxes, small runs to massive volumes, one colour print to high quality print and simple, standard designs to incredibly complex products.

Image matters

Perhaps most important in the current business and environmental climate is the subliminal message that choosing recyclable packaging says about your brand. Choosing corrugated, or other recyclable materials also speaks volumes. It shows that corporate, social responsibility is taken serious and, that if you care enough to choose recyclable packaging, you are most probably adopting similar attitudes towards other elements of your business. This can have a significant impact on those that purchase your products whether that is on a consumer or procurement level.

These are just three elements as to why it is easy to choose recyclable packaging – because it’s the responsible thing to do wherever possible. So, let’s keep that message of this year’s recycle week in our minds when we’re making packaging choices – ‘Together – We Recycle’.

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