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Meet our Make it Safe team – Five questions, five minutes

08 Sep 2020

Following on from last month’s inaugural Health and Safety ‘Meet the team’, we’re heading up to Boxes and Packaging (Merseyside) to meet Terri Lewis.

Here’s her ‘Five questions in five minutes’

When did you join team B&P at Merseyside?

I joined about four years ago and did a couple of other roles including sales administration before I began in Health & Safety. It’s a great role; it’s always changing, and every day brings something different and a new challenge!

How has Health and Safety changed in recent years?

I began my career in hospitality and the changes have been immense really. There is a lot more understanding and emphasis on everyone to do their part in keeping themselves and others safe and achieve both short term and long terms goals. In recent years there has been much more awareness at Merseyside and it’s great to see people being involved in the different projects going on, all with the safety of the staff here in mind! We’ve come a long way from the Factory Act of 1833 which was the first piece of workplace legislation created to keep workers safe.

What do you believe to be the most important part of your role?

It’s got to be about making sure that everyone is safe and secure in what they are doing and building strong relationships and encouraging open communications. It’s also about undertaking regular inspections and risk assessments and ensuring that any hazards or defects identified are rectified immediately.

What qualifications do you have and what would you recommend for others wanting a career in H&S?

I’m currently working towards a NCRQ Level 6 Certificate in Applied Health and Safety which is an equivalent of a NEBOSH certificate, both of which are highly credible qualifications to achieve. Personality wise, I think you’ve got to have a genuine interest in what you want to achieve, have great people skills, and be diligent and determined to ensure all procedures are followed and that learning is a continuous part of the role.

How has the ‘Make it Safe; initiative impacted on H&S operations at B&P?

Our ‘Make it Safe’ initiative has made our staff think more about safety within the workplace. The team are more open with me and the co-operation from the team is amazing! This tells me that our staff are all committed to working towards a safer workplace. Health and Safety isn’t just my role at Merseyside; it’s everyone’s efforts within the team.

Terri has been instrumental in a number of key Health and Safety projects, including the introduction and recommendation of the iHasco video training suite, which has now been rolled out to all Logson businesses. Along with all the team at Merseyside she has helped to develop a strong health and safety culture at the site.

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