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Christmas – we’ve started work on it, have you?

03 Sep 2020

Whilst in some ways Christmas seems simply ages away, we started work with some of our customers a good while ago to ensure their festive packaging needs are catered for. Whether that’s new designs for gift packs, re-designing existing packs to encompass new product, or upscaling production plans based on predicted sales, we are getting involved and making a difference to our customers.

All wrapped up

We excel at creating festive themed decorative packs and we have done this for everything from beer and biscuits, to bikes and baking kits. Whether it’s a shelf ready solution you’re looking for, or a luxury unboxing experience for a high price point product, we can create designs that look great, protect the product and engage with the customer either in a retail environment, or through e-commerce channels.

Postal perfection

E-commerce plays a huge part in all retail sales now and during the festive season demand typically peaks. If you are solely an e-commerce retailer, or you use channels in addition to a high street presence, why not think about creating festive themed packaging to raise your brand awareness, encourage positive customer discussion on social media channels and position yourself ahead of your competitors.

Coping with demand

Sometimes it can be challenging to predict what your packaging demand will be, however, one thing is for certain. You don’t want to be running out and preventing products entering the supply chain or being sent to customers at the busiest time of the year. We can work with you to create easy to manufacture solutions and a production schedule to ensure you have the packaging you need, when you need it.

Proficient packing

If you’ve got lots of product to pack, either to despatch through the supply chain or to send direct to consumers, you’ll need a box or pack that gives you the quickest way of doing it whilst still protecting your products. We can create packaging solutions that have integral fittings and dividers, make boxes that are easy to assemble and seal securely, and that can be easily opened in a retail environment, perhaps popped straight onto shop floors, counter tops and shelves to drive sales and brand awareness over this busy period. Because there are so many options its always wise to arrange to talk – then, you can tell us what you need, what you’d like and we can tell you how best we can achieve it.

Sustainable success

Perhaps one of the biggest considerations about your festive packaging needs to be whether you are making sustainable choices or not and how this will impact on your customers and consumers. Consumers have ever increasing commitment to being more sustainable and non-sustainable packaging choices may impact on their choice to use your brand again. Similarly, many retail businesses now have strict sustainability policies right down to how they accept product from manufacturers. If you currently pack using single use plastics that can’t be recycled, why not talk to us about a new sustainable solution that can be fully recycled wherever its final point of use is; be that during the supply chain or with the consumer.

To make sure your festive trading period is successful and sustainable, why not get in touch soon and we can discuss all your packaging requirements with you and provide some great solutions that tick all the boxes, including those festive gift ones!

To contact your nearest Boxes and Packaging site please find the details here https://www.boxesandpackaging.co.uk/getintouch.html

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