Corrugated supports luxury car sector

29 Aug 2020

Cars are an essential part of everyday life and whether you drive a run about, the latest EV or a luxury car, parts of that vehicle will undoubtedly wear out or become damaged.

It’s then that replacement parts are vital to restore your vehicle to working order, or restore its aesthetic appeal, and the parts that are needed to do this are often shipped from manufacturing bases across the globe to customers, dealerships and designated repair centres.

To facilitate this global automotive market, we work with many car and OEM manufacturers to create a number of solutions that are bespoke to each and every customer requirement. And, with the global luxury car market tipping 550 billion euros in 2019, there is little wonder as to why product protection is a vital part of business strategy for so many brands.

Many of the packs we create are designed entirely from corrugated and we know that the strength and flexibility of corrugated material protects product from movement and impact. However, as innovative packaging designers, we also recognise that on occasion, other materials are required to protect costly paintwork finishes and large, but very delicate components, such as light clusters.

Our Merseyside team has a designated foam cutting facility, where foam protective inserts can be made to form composite packs with corrugated as required. This is particularly appropriate in the automotive parts sector when highly finished parts can cost £10,000s of pounds in the luxury car sector, yet often have to be shipped across the globe to allow repairs and maintenance to take place.

Stephen Ward, Design and Innovation Manager, Boxes and Packaging Northern Region commented; “Integrating foam into our packs in high end and high value products is essential and we recognise the part they play in the corrugated sector. The design expertise and knowledge of our Merseyside team as to how the two materials work together, allows us to deliver solutions that are tailored to each customers requirements and that are highly effective in delivering lineside packing efficiencies, protecting product through the supply chain and still deliver high levels of recyclability.”

Boxes and Packaging works with several car manufacturers and automotive brands across the UK. Its design resources, industry knowledge, and appreciation of the detailed requirements of all elements of the automotive sector, ensures that we are a preferred partner to many.

The automotive sector will, in time, undoubtedly ride the pandemic wave and our teams will be happy to share their expertise to ensure your packaging solutions are entirely suited to all your supply chain and business requirements.

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