Supply chain solutions and the automotive sector

24 Aug 2020

The automotive sector is a well-oiled machine with production lines easily coming to a halt if components and products are not lineside exactly when required.

To facilitate these demands it is necessary to ensure the supply chain that supports the manufacturing process are efficient and can mirror production schedules exactly as required.

To highlight how we work with our customers to facilitate this, we created a double award winning ‘stock and serve’ account that gave our customer unrivalled flexibility and allow them to play their part in the automotive supply chain.

Manufacturing a range of heavy plant and agricultural machinery components they were required to meet industry specific targets and daily ‘call off’ requirements.

Our boxes are required at the end of production to ensure the onward distribution of product across the globe. Stock of each of the 300 lines is held and this is replenished in line with our supply chain agreement to ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply. The customer can call off any quantity of boxes and is not restricted to pack or pallet quantities. A call off target of 60 minutes, from placement of call off to delivery lineside, was agreed as part of the contract however ,in reality, times are often much shorter. Each product is fully assembled to aid customer packing times and increase their production efficiencies.

Our ability to create a bespoke stock and serve supply chain solution has allowed our customer to greatly streamline their own operations. They are no longer required to store any volume of packaging at their production facility. To ensure the best possible packaging solution is provided we continually review, in conjunction with the customer, the amounts they use, the products that they use and whether any amends to packaging design could result in driving further efficiencies.

We continue to meet our OTIF delivery targets, our quality targets and automotive industry standards to ensure that blue chip companies reap the benefits of our supply chain solutions.

Our experience in design packaging and business supply chain solutions positions us as a preferred partner to many businesses who work in the automotive sector.

Could you draw on our experience to facilitate your enhanced supply chain?

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