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Consumers, car products and how packaging supports a sale

12 Aug 2020

Automotive ancillary products are big business with ranges of de-icer, car shampoo, screen wash and seasonal rock salt to name just a few, sold in designated retailers, as well as supermarkets and DIY shops.

In addition to transit packs to see the products safely through the supply chain shelf ready packaging (SRP) and Free-Standing Display Units (FSDUs) form a pivotal point in taking these products to market and catching the eye of the consumer.

Seasonal success

Perhaps one of the most recognisable range of products in consumer terms are the seasonal products which flood our supermarkets and shops when the inclement weather returns to the UK.

Pallet packs are in supermarket foyers with bags of rock salt, point of sale displays are at aisle ends with cans of de-icer in.

Our range of corrugated packaging solutions to assist with these demands are all encompassing with our technical expertise and design innovation ensuring workable solutions are delivered in all ways.

Catching the consumer

On occasion, automotive purchases such as de-icer, car shampoo, interior wipes and other products are purchased on the spur of the moment. To capture these impulse sales, eye-catching point of sale, counter-top and free-standing display units are all ideally suited to engaging with consumer and driving an impulse purchase.

We achieve this with on brand packaging that allows the consumer to easily access the product and pick it up quickly whilst undertaking other retail purchases.

With so many ancillary products in the automotive sector that are consumer lead, either in general retail environments, car dealerships, OEM retailers and DIY shops ,there is much opportunity to drive sales of automotive related products through engaging point of sale and retail ready packaging.

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