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The possibilities of print

10 Aug 2020

Print has the power to transform a blank cardboard box into a product that communicates information, promotes a brand, and creates a positive consumer or end-user experience.

Originating in the first century in China, woodblock printing was the world’s first foray into transposing images and symbols onto material. Today, printing technologies have amazing capabilities and are used in so many creative processes, including the manufacturing of corrugated packaging.

One, two, three… and more

One or multi-colour Flexo print is a hugely popular print option in the corrugated world. Made using a printing stereo, print can be manufactured to each individual customer requirements. From one colour transit to four colour presentation packs, Flexo print offers a flexible and cost-effective print option. We have a range of machinery that is designed specifically to do this and our designers across the UK can help to create eye catching designs and work with current brand guidelines as required.


Litho printed paper is laminated to the corrugated before the die cutting and finishing process takes place. This process delivers the highest quality print available and is particularly suitable for high end products in the luxury market or where very fine detail is required. It allows a range of finishes such as high gloss, foil embossed, mirror print and achieves a superb level of quality.

Digital detail

Digital printing only came into mainstream printing in the early 1990’s. Printed from digital files it gives great accuracy and is mainly suited to small print runs. Whilst there are no set up costs such as printing stereos or printing plates, it uses higher volumes of ink than other printing methods. It achieves a high- quality finish and can be a cost-effective solution when smaller amounts are required. It is particularly well suited to promotional point of sale products.

High quality post print (HQPP)

This is another high-quality alternative that is suited to large volume print runs. It is typically seen in Shelf Ready Packaging and full colour outer cartons which gives improved levels of presentation and brand visibility whilst retaining protective performance.

We are proud to offer many different print options but be assured that we will help you to navigate your way through the options and help you make the right decision. We have many product samples that showcase the different types of print finish available, should it be required. Or, if it is simply a brown box with one colour print on it to share product information, then that’s good by us.

Our Flexo printing solutions are by far the most popular, but we have the capabilities across all aspects of the Logson Group to be able to fulfil your wishes. For us, and our customers, the possibilities of print are endless.

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