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04 Aug 2020

As the green shoots of recovery start to emerge in the UKs automotive sector, now seems like a good time to share our strength and diversity in offering packaging solutions to this industry. During August we will be sharing how we work and what we do that supports this valuable UK sector, so that you can get a great understanding of the far-reaching variety of solutions that we offer.

It is an area where we have lots of experience and lots of success. We work with a variety of customers including manufacturers of heavy plant machinery parts that are shipped globally; to prestige and luxury car manufacturers as well as parts, products and point of sale that support all elements of the automotive network.

We recognise that a bland, uninspired solution is not what the sector needs. It needs creativity, innovation and flexibility so that packaging solutions can be made that are fit for purpose, provide the protection that is needed, and that all elements of how the product will travel through the supply chain are taken into account.

The diversity of the industry is what makes it so special, and we work with our current portfolio of customers to ensure this diversity is managed effectively through the packaging that we design and manufacture for them.

Our solutions cover a wide spectrum – heavy weight agricultural vehicle parts that require bespoke heavy duty pallets; delicate car components that require very high levels of protection and are subject to stringent drop tests and eye catching point of sale and free standing display units for cleaning and maintenance products in retail environments. We can make your packaging unique and balance the needs of practicality, and aesthetics, when needed.

As your automotive sector business begins to gather pace once more perhaps now is the perfect time to reassess the packaging that you have, or the packaging that you may need.

We can deal with the practical side of protecting product – perhaps a newly designed pack could reduce product damage and returns? Perhaps a new design could reduce the amount of fresh air that is shipped, increase pallet yield, or remove non-recyclable material from your existing pack. And, as shoppers return to retail environments could an eye-catching point of sale display help to drive sales to your brand?

Why not get in touch with your local Boxes and Packaging team and let them work their magic on your automotive packaging.

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