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Design and packaging efficiencies

30 Jul 2020

Packing your products in the right way using the right material can bring many business benefits both aesthetic and financial.

A well-designed pack can reduce product damage and returns, enhance the customer experience, increase pallet yield, reduce material usage, and elevate a business’s reputation.

Reduce product damage and returns

A properly designed pack that supports the product from moving around inside the box can impact greatly on costly product returns and the negative connotations this can have with your brand. By using the correct design coupled with correct board grade and any fittings, divisions and bespoke detailing, product can navigate its way through the supply chain with ease.

Enhance the customer experience

Not only can a well-designed pack ensure product arrives with the customer, or consumer, intact and on time, there is also the ability to create an ‘unboxing’ experience that puts your brand front and centre. It is an effective lever for encouraging repeat business and recommendations when satisfied customers receive a pack that manages material and space efficiently, that they enjoy receiving and instilling buyer confidence in your product and your brand.

Increase pallet yield

By streamlining the pack, it is entirely possible that more packs can be put on the pallet increasing pallet yields and delivery and storage efficiencies. Any pack can benefit from a redesign to ensure ‘fresh air’ is eradicated wherever possible from the design. As retailers and consumers become more aware of how packaging is used and become more demanding that it is used in a responsible and efficient way there has never been a better time for packaging to be reviewed.

Reduce material usage

In addition to increasing pallet yield it is also entirely possible that the amount of material required could be reduced. This could be through a more compact redesign or a change of board grade. It could also mean that other, non-recyclable materials could be removed from existing packs to increase the sustainability of the pack and the perception of all those that receive the product such as retailers and consumers.

Elevate a business reputation

Well-designed packaging can say a lot about a business, just in the way badly designed packaging can. A pack that is fit for purpose, material efficient, sustainable, and gives a positive ‘unboxing’ experience often associated with more luxury brands, can really help to position and elevate a brand encouraging repeat business and ‘word of mouth’ publicity.

The moral of the story is that to be truly effective packaging should be fit for purpose. Talk to us about a packaging audit and together we could perhaps make some tangible improvements to the way packaging is used in your business.

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