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Asset Care Programme proving strategically valuable

23 Jul 2020

It is a little over a year ago since an Asset Care Programme was launched to assist with planned R&M for all major production machinery and other essential equipment.

Since then it has proved to be strategically valuable giving production and operations managers a clear directive, assisting engineering staff and assisting with production planning and necessary downtime to take care of the complex machinery that is necessary in our day to day operations.

Chris Brown, Operations Manager at our Manchester site which has two separate locations commented; “It’s allowed me to have a much clearer overview for planning downtime and being able to plan work utilising the production capabilities at both sites to encompass this. Furthermore, our operators have clear instructions as to what is expected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in terms of their own responsibilities, not just for our contractors, and when that is expected to be completed.”

The programme, which was created to integrate R&M into daily and weekly production schedules, has brought a structure to this important processes and resulted in a clearer approach, improved operating efficiencies and production staff now place maintenance within their working routine.

“Manchester is a particularly good site to highlight the success that has been enjoyed from the programme and the impact that it has had on production efficiencies,” said Stacey Austin Northern Regional Managing Director. “All three Northern sites have embraced the Asset Care structure and worked with their teams to develop a care programme that improves the maintenance and condition of all key machines. Putting in a structure has undoubtedly benefitted everyone and will also be helpful when it comes to setting R&M budgets in the future.”

Following the success of the programme on key equipment, it will continue to be implemented to all areas of the business, including building and facilities maintenance.

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