Online retail pack delivers success

09 Jul 2020

Here’s a recent project we worked on highlighting our abilities in the retail and ecommerce sectors


• To create a candle distribution pack for a well-known retail channel
• To pass stringent drop tests
• To remove the use of polystyrene from the current pack design


Due to a proven track record with previous drop test packaging for a well-known retail channel we were approached by the client to review a current pack design.

Their incumbent supplier, and their own development team, had been trying to re-design the pack for over 9 months without success. Polystyrene caps had been muted as a suggestion but wherever possible we try to design the solution using corrugated only.

A new pack design was created to absorb impact, defer impact and avoid impact in different parts of the pack due to its structure and the way it interacts with the product. It was necessary that the pack pass an 11-point continual drop test prior to any order being placed.

The product itself presented challenges in that the candle is in a glass jar with a thin tin lid. The glass is strong on the base but weak on the rim. The lid is extremely easy to dent and must arrive without any damage to the product at all.

By creating an innovative design that was fully recyclable it minimised the environmental impact of the pack and supported our customer, the retail channel and the end user to be able to recycle the materials when required with ease.


The design is simple to assemble and uses no other secondary packaging making it far more cost effective.

Both top and bottom are self-locking and therefore requires no tape. It is structurally stable and incredibly effective. The customer had quite simply been unable to get this product in an effective pack and after 9 months of failed trials and tests we were delighted to be able to use our skills and innovation to provide a solution that works.

Both the outer box and the internal fitting is cut from the same die cut tool and EB150KK (150SC) board is used.

Facts and Stats:

16,000 were ordered initially with smaller variations being adapted to develop the range.

The pack passed an 11-point continual drop test

Easy assemble and streamlined packing due to simple box design

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