Transit Packaging and what to consider

25 Jun 2020

Transit packaging can be pivotal to the success of how products are shipped through supply chains and plays a huge part in protecting product.

Sustainability and space

Corrugated transit packaging is sustainable by nature however, it can also deliver and influence the desire to achieve sustainable business goals. Correctly specified packaging can help with the way products are protected and often negate the need for using additional materials. For example; a bespoke corrugated packaging solution could remove the amount of void fill needed or see wooden pallets exchanged for corrugated ones. It could be that material usage is reduced by creating a design that is more effective and efficient and that pallet quantities can be increased resulting in more packs per pallet and vehicle, reducing transportation and shipping costs. This can also impact on the space required in your warehousing to store the product in its unassembled form.

Durable design

Corrugated is a superb material for offering product protection and with innovative designs for boxes, fittings and dividers, everything from awkward shaped and heavy products, to delicate and expensive automotive components can be protected through the supply chain.

We design solutions that are specifically for your product and take into consideration things such as board grades, fittings and the way the box is assembled to ensure a robust solution.

Impact on your business operations

Could a new or re-designed corrugated packaging solution have an impact on your business operations? Perhaps packing times could be reduced, storage minimised, pallets per vehicle increased and shipping costs reduced? Perhaps product damage could be virtually eliminated, or decreased, to reduce costly returns and protect your brand reputation? All these elements are important to a business’s visibility and effective cost management.

Why it pays to choose those that know

Simply choosing a box ‘off the shelf’ to dispatch your products can work in some situations and have very little negative impact on the business. But take a product that is delicate, of a high price point, awkward in shape or weightier, and a standard box with no added protection would not be suitable.

This is where liaising with a packaging company that has the expertise to provide advice, guidance, design and quality solutions can be worth its weight in gold. It will mean that your product, your brand and your reputation is protected keeping consumers and those who receive your product through the supply chain happy. This can encourage repeat orders, longer contracts and also reduce costs associated with product that is not adequately protected.

By considering the environmental impact of your transit packaging, the way that you can reduce waste and appeal to everyone’s growing awareness of sustainable packaging., Is now the time to re-assess your transit packaging and see what benefits you could be enjoying.

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