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Bags, bottles, cans and more; why corrugated protects the UK drinks sector

11 Jun 2020

Drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are presented to the consumer in a variety of ways.

Bags of wine and pre-mixed cocktails are common place in our supermarkets, bottles are perfect for wine, sparkling wine, beer, soft drinks and spirits; in fact, just about anything, whilst cans typically associated with soft drinks and beer, lager and cider; have seen premium drinks and more latterly wine become available in these forms.

But whilst drinks manufacturers, distillers and vineyards are exploring ways in which their drinks are utilised to engage with consumers one constant remains; the use of corrugated cardboard to protect products either through the supply chain or, to create eye catching gift packaging that is ideal for ecommerce channels or retail ready solutions.

The flexibility of corrugated is what is key to success here. A variety of board grades, board types, print finishes, designs and visionary solutions means the options open to the drinks sector are wide and varied. For us, it’s about displaying innovation and knowing our products – you know yours so together we can find solutions that make a real difference. Whatever your requirements are, be that practicality, or something that sets your brand and product apart from those of your competitors, we can work together to achieve the desired outcome.

Bags and boxes; a perfect match

Many large-scale vineyards and wine brands have been utilising the ‘bag-in-a box’ retail combination for a long time now but, as more drinks producers begin to explore the flexibility this brings, we have seen an increase in enquiries as to how these solutions can work for our drinks producers. Our teams across the UK can not only supply the boxes to house the bags, they can also supply the bags, pouches and taps as well as the outer transit boxes.

Popular with consumers, the bag solution has also been utilised for ready mixed cocktails that have catered for the festival, outdoor concert scenario where cans and bottles are often prohibited and it is one area that we expect to see a steady growth continue, particular when we return to our normal social engagements and interactions.

‘Can’ we pack it…?

The first ring pull can was created in 1959 and since then has become a stalwart of the drinks industry ranging from beer, cider, lager and soft drinks typically to more recently wines, both still and sparkling.

Transporting cans from point of manufacturer to a retail environment, or as multi packs through e-commerce channels most typically require outer transit boxes with internal fittings and dividers. This combination has been proven to protect product and gives opportunities to develop branding, product information, print quality and recognition in the market place.

Our high quality cases are ideal for premium brands, or brands that wish to engage with a certain customer audience and meet expectations that these people have.

Bottling it up

Bottles still remain one of the most popular methods of presenting drinks to consumers for purchase either in a retail, ecommerce or social environment. And, whilst we have seen a growing demand for non-bottle formats, some drinks such as spirits still demand premium bottling and packaging solutions mainly attributed to the cost of the product and consumer expectations.

We can provide a variety of solutions for bottles that vary from transit boxes, single or multiple gift boxes, bottle tubes, innovative gift solutions and presentation packs – in fact, however you may wish to distribute or market your product we can find a solution that is a winning combination of practicality and design flair.

This is just a snapshot of what we can do to protect, display and help you take your product to the market place in whatever format you choose. If you want simple, one colour print transit boxes to be able to get your high volume of product to supermarket shelves that’s good by us. Or, if you want an eye-catching gift pack or a high-quality box for a premium product we’ve got that covered too.

Choosing a reputable corrugated supplier is an intrinsic part of protecting product and your reputation. At Boxes and Packaging, we work with you so that you can get on with what you do best and leave us to make it possible where your packaging is concerned.

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