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Helping retailers with Point of Purchase packaging

28 May 2020

In the last of our series unlocking supermarket ready packaging, we take a look at how retailers can be helped with Point of Purchase (POP) and counter-top packaging.

This is another element of Supermarket Ready Packaging which integrates into the way in which supermarkets, and other retail outlets, can draw attention to particular goods, either as a ‘one off’ or seasonal promotion, or to drive sales in one particular sector or product.

It is another area where the retail sector, both product manufacturers and product retailers, can engage with their audiences, draw customer attention to product and in turn drive sales. As with Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and Point of Sale (POS) Packaging, Point of Purchase (POP) packaging can be used to encourage impulse purchases when consumers are about to make payment for other goods.

What is Point of Purchase Packaging (POP)?

Point of Purchase packaging is often found on counter tops and cash desks in retail environments such as department stores, smaller supermarkets, local retailers and independent retailers. In fact, it can be any retail outlet that has a purchasing environment that is different to the purpose-built, conveyor based ones often seen in large supermarkets and warehouse situations.

POP packaging draws the customers eye whilst they are waiting to purchase other goods and is therefore perfect for smaller products, both in size and value, which may prompt impromptu purchases where little consideration is given to the value. It offers a complimentary addition to the range of retail ready packaging (RRP) and can facilitate a product or marketing campaign on its own or, complement a wider campaign that perhaps also embraces point-of-sale packaging in the form of a FDSU (free standing display unit) etc.

What makes a good Point of Purchase Pack?

A Point of Purchase pack should have a clear aim when being created and should be on brand, in line with the target audience and should draw the consumer in to ensure they make that small, impromptu purchase. This can be part of a general, or seasonal campaign, and the design of the pack should take this into consideration through its design and subliminal messaging.

The pack will typically be open topped and have a lower front than back to ensure the consumer can easily see the products within and make their selection in a speedy manner often grabbing and completing the transaction in a matter of seconds.

Such packs can be supplied to retailers full packed with a protective transit box, or they can be supplied flat-packed to be merchandised in store. Made from corrugated they tick all the recycling and sustainability credentials supporting many brands with their CSR policies and also supporting retailers who have responsibilities towards packaging waste and how it is disposed of.

What does a typical POP look like?

POP packaging gives many benefits to consumer and brands. They offer easy access to product, can give great construction and visual design options and it can be used successfully to suit a variety of products and brands. Often seen as part of seasonal marketing campaigns from confectionary companies it is also entirely suitable for use in many other sectors – think lip balms or diaries on the counter in major brand clothing retailers, dog treats when checking out at the pet store, energy bars in the gym café bar or tanning solution in the beauty salon. The list of options to make this successful is truly endless and we can encapsulate your product, your brand and your target audience to ensure such point of purchase packaging works hard for your business and delivers that increase in brand perception and maximises opportunities for increasing sales revenue.

Due to different board grades, our expert design capabilities and a range of printing options we can deliver superb point of purchase solutions across a wide range of retail environments. As with all other elements of Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) it can give businesses that all important competitive edge and bring benefits to both manufacturer and retailer.

Let us help you ensure your packaging solutions are ready to stand out from the crowd. As your packaging partner, we can deliver products that encapsulate all those things that are important to your business. Your brand, your product and your customers.

For all packaging enquiries please get in touch with your closest site, details of which can be found here https://www.boxesandpackaging.co.uk/getintouch.html

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