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Offering a helping hand

28 Apr 2020

We are proud to be supporting many key sectors with behind the scenes essentials, all of which require packaging to be able to navigate their way through the supply chain and reach their destinations in a timely and safe manner.

One area where we have been giving a helping hand are those customers that supply products to the NHS and associated medical and pharmaceutical sector.

A manufacturer of various types of multiple and single use masks and filters used in hospitals and healthcare has predictably seen a surge in demand for its products and has increased its production schedule to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To support them our Manchester team increased its production capacity in line to meet with additional and significant requirements.

The demand for anti-bacterial sprays and hand sanitisers is particularly important for the NHS and our Bristol team reported a doubling of orders for boxes that allow these products to be safely and securely transported from the point of manufacture to distributors for the NHS and Boxshop (one of our sister companies) were pleased to support a new face shield manufacturer with the necessary packaging solution to ensure these could be safely dispatched to end users who needed them most.

An increase in demand for specialist UN approved packaging for transporting chemicals, pharmaceutical, critical and dangerous goods has seen the Merseyside team increase production schedules to fulfil the demand for a six-fold increase in a range of existing packaging that they already supplied to one vital business which sends testing kits all over the world.

The demand for UN boxes has also been evident at Doncaster as they continue to support that key market sector with a significant increase in demand, including products for delivery to the new Nightingale hospitals.

Oxford has been supporting manufacturers of swab and testing kits to ensure they reach hospitals and GP’s on time, and in the required volumes. As the crisis began to deepen the team at Leicester pulled out all the stops to ensure a box that was used for oxygen tubes was produced in just two days to ensure enough supply as hospitals began to prepare.

Let’s not forget that it’s not just Covid-19 that needs our packaging to ensure essential supplies get to those that need them. One customer of our Oxford team sends its products in chilled packaging solutions; these products are for a huge range of medications and pharmaceutical drugs that are shipped across the world and where supply must be maintained.

It has been a time of production fluidity for the industry and we will continue to support customers, both those that we currently work with and those that need our help now, to ensure supply chains across all elements of the industry are protected and efficient.

We’re proud to be part of a great industry.

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