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Why it’s important to get your packaging solution right

14 Apr 2020

Finding the right packaging solution is not only important for protecting product, it’s important to the brand, CSR policies and efficiencies of businesses too.

The packaging industry employs around 85,000 people in the UK, and in recent weeks its importance in the supply chain of the country and beyond has been highlighted, showcasing the industry in a way that has perhaps never been seen before.

So, whilst we and other packaging companies continue to work hard and safely to protect these supply chains, it also made us consider why it’s so important to get the right packaging solution.

Product protection

Finding the right solution often has product protection as its primary focus. Whether it’s vital medical supplies, car parts, chemicals or candles, it’s important to every manufacturer that their product arrives at its destinations safely and intact. Product waste is a cost that businesses wish to avoid wherever practicable and the right packaging solution can all but eliminate this. Whether it’s a transit pack, aesthetically pleasing luxury packaging, point of sale displays or ecommerce solutions, every business has something that they want to achieve with their packaging from the simple and practical to enhancing the customer experience.

Design and branding

The level of design and branding depends on the customer and the aim of the packaging that they are sourcing. Transit packaging can easily have stock control details, bar or QR codes printed to assist with warehouse management systems. In contrast, high quality print finishes and eye catching graphics can be replicated or created to communicate iconic branding and enhance the customers ‘unboxing’ experience. The functionality of the box is also high on the agenda ensuring packing efficiencies are realised and the end user or consumer can also easily access the product and also recycle the materials contained within the pack.

Sustainability and supply chains

This has perhaps been the biggest focus that we have seen recently and which continues to be evident across so many market sectors. Many businesses are looking to find sustainable ways of packaging their products and, due to the recyclable nature of corrugated, solutions from this material continue to support supply chains and consumer alike. Its versatility is still perhaps underestimated and this is where our expertise, design credentials and material knowledge comes into its own. Many solutions that we create negate the need for the use of wood, foam, plastic or metal, but still offer excellent performance and of course, recyclability.

We recognise that all packaging materials play their part in the perfect packaging solution and that corrugated doesn’t suit all demands. There is a place for other material but corrugated packaging definitely plays its part in sustainable solutions.

Exploring all the sustainable options is responsible packaging resourcing at its best. And, why it’s important to get your packaging solution right so that the right balance of practicality, aesthetics and sustainability can be achieved.

Well designed, sustainable, on brand and fit for purpose. It’s what we do best and why we make it possible for such a wide range of businesses.

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