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How packaging supports the supply chain.

26 Mar 2020

The movement of goods around the country is something that many people don’t every really think about until faced with a change in circumstances, however, effective supply chains are vital parts of economies across the globe.

To facilitate the easy passage of goods to support consumers, manufacturing industries and vital sectors such food, drink, medical, chemical and engineering corrugated boxes and packaging helps to ensure these products navigate their way through the supply chain and that they arrive intact, and on time.

Good packaging design is key to this. Not only does a good design use material efficiently, and ensure product is protected it also provides continuity of brand identity and visibility across all packaging solutions. This is not just outer transit boxes. This can be applied to a wide range of packaging solutions that we offer including point of sale (POS), retail ready packaging (RRP), luxury e-commerce and functional e-commerce.

Stock management information can be easily displayed on boxes to help with stock identification and warehouse management to ensure the flow of good through warehouses, distribution centres and the wider marketplace.

Perhaps key to appreciating the role of packaging in the supply chain is that it is so much more than a cardboard box. It’s about product protection, product identification and a solution that ensures the movement of goods through the supply chain. It plays a significant part in the logistics element and supports many FMCG and JIT production lines.

Supporting businesses in securing supply chains across the globe with our packaging solutions is what we do best but, at this time we remain open for business and committed to those that need us most, all whilst protecting our staff and their health and wellbeing.

We can help to protect products in your supply chains now and in the future; it’s what we do best.

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