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UN Certified Packaging

16 Mar 2020

Boxes and Packaging is proud to be a supplier of UN certified packaging and works with a wide variety of customers across the UK that require packaging to support the transit of dangerous or hazardous materials through the global supply chain.

With over twenty years’ experience in working with this specific field of customer requirement, the team helps businesses who are required by law to have UN certified packaging. This includes taking them through the process of choosing the most appropriate pack, the testing process attached to this and then the ongoing manufacture and supply of packaging solutions to fulfil all legislative requirements.

“UN Packaging is often supplied with both the box and the bottle, a UN Combination Pack, that permits the transportation of the goods across all modes of transport however, this is not always the case,” said Stacey Austin, Northern Region Managing Director, Boxes and Packaging. “It is imperative that customers who have to meet such legislation choose a reputable manufacturer and supplier such as ourselves, to ensure the correct packing group requirements are met and the appropriate tests carried out.”

Different packing groups pertain to how dangerous the liquid or powder is. Packing group 1 is very dangerous and would be subject to a higher drop test during testing. Packing group 2 is moderate and 3 even less so.

Each UN pack is identified by a certificate number which must be printed on the exterior of each box to fulfil health and safety, legislative, manufacturing and Department of Transport criteria.

We appreciate that most customers who operate in this market understand the need to have UN certified packaging and indeed what the individual requirements are. So, why not choose Boxes and Packaging to be your preferred supplier, so that we can work together to identify the correct packaging solution for your dangerous goods.

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