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Understanding a circular economy

11 Feb 2020

In the age of sustainability and recyclability the phrase ‘circular economy’ is one that will be mentioned in many industry sectors and in many different situations.

But what does it truly mean and what can you do to contribute to it?

By definition, a circular economy is in direct comparison to a linear one which sees products follow a ‘make, use, dispose’ approach. The latter is an economic model that is no longer the preferred option as a circular economy encourages the reuse, recycling and repurposing of products so that their lifespan is maximised. It has been proven to minimise waste and permit the repurposing of products through enhanced recycling channels.

So how can a circular economy be integrated into your packaging?

Choosing packaging responsibly is perhaps the first step towards achieving this goal and can be achieved by making informed choices about the recyclability of the products you choose. Everyone, even the major supermarkets and global manufacturers are undertaking packaging audits to ascertain which elements of Single Use Plastic and wider packaging can be eliminated and either removed completely or replaced with a recyclable alternative. Indeed, it is worth noting the latest version of the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive which has set a target, for those applicable, to ensure that 65% of packaging waste is recycled by 2025 and 70% by 2030. And, whilst huge companies are finding new ways to package their products others are finding ways to support some, such as Cup Cycling which is finding a circular way of dealing with used, takeaway coffee cups.

FEFCO, the organisation that represents the interests of the corrugated industry, launched it’s ‘Circular by Nature’ campaign and this promotes the true circular nature of the corrugated industry. By choosing corrugated you can rest assured that your packaging choice is contributing to the circular economy that we are all trying so hard to achieve. After all, the very nature of the corrugated industry is circular by nature and with impressive statistics such as being 100% recyclable, the shift towards corrugated alternatives for so many businesses continues.

How can we help?

Complete understanding of the capabilities of corrugated continues to be under appreciated by some. Whilst it is made from paper its strength and versatility should not be underestimated. High quality design and innovation is at our core and this combined with our knowledge of the industry allows us to create some amazing packaging solutions that eliminate all other materials from our customers packaging supply chain.

Perhaps there has never been a better time to commission us to undertake a packaging audit and work with you to make your packaging solution fit for today’s demands.

One thing is for sure. Driving change towards a circular economy is something that we should all be responsible for.

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