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Bristol makes first delivery to the ‘nursery without toys’

18 Jan 2020

Ilminster Nursery School hit the headlines last year when it removed toys from its nursery and replaced them with cardboard boxes. It was a huge hit with parents and children and saw the children use their imaginations and create amazing play situations.

Since then Boxes and Packaging (Bristol) has pledged its support to supply the nursery with any boxes it may require and Andy Clarke, Managing Director and Paul Verstraeten, Design Manager were delighted to make their first delivery early in the new year.

“This is such an amazing project and one which we are very proud to support,” said Andy. “The children were delighted that lots of brand new boxes had arrived and couldn’t wait to start enjoying them.”

A number of different size boxes were delivered so that the children can climb in them, stack them and enjoy turning them into houses, cars, boats, trains or anything else that they can think of.

Matt Caldwell Head Teacher at the nursery commented; “We really didn’t expect such interest to be generated from what for us was a very simple and considered move, but it just goes to show how creative our children can be and how much they can glean from imaginative play. Our thanks go to Andy and Paul for their support and we look forward to this continuing in the coming months and years.”

Further information about the ‘nursery with no toys’ can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Ilminster-Avenue-Nursery-School-1511385929088743/

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