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How to tackle festive recycling

06 Dec 2019

It’s that time of year again; Christmas, when people generate more packaging than at any other time of the year.

We’ve been working hard for months to design, manufacture and deliver our recyclable packaging solutions across the UK and have worked on everything from beer and wine, to bikes and car parts! It’s fair to say Christmas packaging is never dull here!

But what about all that other packaging that households generate? When the season of good will to all men has passed, we can at least aim to carry on the ‘goodwill to all men’ part by minimising the impact Christmas has on our environment and the future of our planet.

We take a look at four areas of Christmas where it’s pretty easy to be responsible where recycling is concerned.

Wrapping paper – The stats tell us that we throw away around 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each festive season, that’s enough to wrap around the world nine times! So how can we make sure that the wrap we buy, gift and dispose of is as environmentally responsible as possible. When buying your own you could consider wrapping in brown or sustainable paper, that way you know that it can be easily disposed of in kerbside recycling. For the paper that is gifted to you, try out the scrunch test. If you scrunch it and it stays that way then you can probably recycle it; however if it pops apart again, then it most likely has a plastic coating and therefore needs to be thrown away. Any with glitter is a definite no-no where recycling is concerned too.

Festive packaging – Those sourcing packaging are becoming more responsible, and you may see a shift in the packages that arrive this year and in the things you purchase with more containing recyclable material such as cardboard, corrugated and paper. With worldwide e-commerce sales tipped to reach $4.88 trillion by 2021 manufacturers and suppliers have been left with no option but to find alternatives to non- sustainable packaging materials. As consumers, we can do our bit by ensuring all material that we receive is recycled appropriately wherever possible.

Christmas Cards – It takes one tree to make 3,000 Christmas cards so it’s really important that you recycle them especially as it is reported that we send over 2 billion cards in the UK each Christmas. Many kerbside recycling accepts this type of card so for many of us it really is quite simple. However, glitter cards are not recyclable as are other added bits such as ribbons. This part of the card should be torn off before the rest is popped into recycling.

Christmas Trees – Some may argue that a reusable tree is best, however, the problem with this is that at no point can it be recycled. At least with genuine, real trees they can be replanted (if they have their roots on) or chipped, chopped or recycled through your local council. Each council does differ so it’s worth checking what yours does or it can be taken to the local recycling centre.

As we continue through the Christmas and New Year period, let’s all just give due consideration to everything we buy and use and recycle responsibly.

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