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Sustainable packaging and how to make it work

15 Nov 2019

The word ‘sustainable’ seems to have become very popular in recent years across a variety of industry sectors, including the world of packaging.

The great plastics debate made consumers sit up and take notice of their packaging and how it had become an intrinsic part of their everyday lives – perhaps until then very few had ever really questioned it.

However, behind the scenes, many manufacturers have been seeking more sustainable packaging solutions for some time, and for many it is a key part of the overall business strategy – sustainability as a minimum standard, not just a passing trend.

We have seen the shift represented across our customer base in the last decade or so with momentum certainly growing recently as end user consumer demand for sustainable, recyclable packaging has become more important in buying decisions.

Now, for us, it is about designing entirely sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. Historically, some customers had used corrugated but with wooden, plastic or polystyrene components too. To that end we are actively designing packaging that fulfils all the same requirements and in some cases exceeds them, just using corrugated.

It’s about education as well as the skill of the design teams. We’ve had to demonstrate to our customers the strength, versatility and capabilities of corrugated. It’s something that is still underestimated and overlooked, but one which we are well placed to deliver.

Perhaps one of the best things about choosing corrugated as a packaging material is the fact that our raw material is 80% recycled material and that all our products can be recycled either by the customer or the end user.

This circular economy model, rather than a linear one, is not exclusive to corrugated and paper based products, although this is one sector where the significant benefits can be realised.

The ‘Attenborough effect’ (the result of the BBC TV show) has been far reaching in consumer circles which has driven increased awareness and in turn demand for all those sourcing packaging to do so with more ethics than perhaps previously. Such purchasing decisions, forming part of a strategic business and marketing plan, can also have a very positive impact on brand recognition and consumer choice

“It is fair to say that the market has definitely evolved and the messages that we have been communicating to our customer base for many years are finally becoming a necessity as consumers expect their packaging to be responsible,” said Gareth Stell, UK Sales Director, Logson Group “The ever-growing online retail sector necessitates more packaging than other retail streams and it is important that we, together with our global colleagues across all packaging sectors tackle this head on together.”

The ‘throwaway society’ culture is not something that we want to be remembered for; instead we want to be the generation that started to make a difference. We believe that together we can make it possible.

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