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Make it Safe, making a difference

08 Oct 2019

It is one year since our Make It Safe vision was launched across the Logson group with the aim of raising individual awareness of the part Health and Safety plays in every element of our procedures both operational and administrative.

Perhaps the most visible achievement for staff and visitors alike is the changes that have been made to Workplace Transport, a project that has been implemented across all Boxes and Packaging sites and which will conclude at the end of October.

The Workplace Transport project forms part of the group Make it Safe vision and has fundamental objectives; to reduce interaction between people and all transport methods at our sites, review work flow procedures and increase training and awareness.

“Our sites are incredibly busy and these modifications have delivered benefits to safety within the sites including improvements in housekeeping and behaviours,” said Mark Ryan Group Health and Safety Manager. “A cohesive approach across all sites has identified small adjustments that were necessary to ensure high levels of safety are attained as recognised in our recent audits.”

Other changes that have been identified as a result of the project has included the installation of new barriers, line painting and floor segregation, enhanced reporting procedures for visitors to site and a general awareness of how people and plant move around each other.

Furthermore, with the wider Make It Safe vision in mind, a Boxes and Packaging Health and Safety Steering Group has been launched to help lead a consistent implementation of the vision across all sites, twelve senior leaders have been trained in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence and a safety role has been created at each site with the identified person either NEBOSH certificate level qualified or working towards this accreditation.

“All elements of our vision are starting to have a big impact at all our sites and they are leading on the implementation of the vision with the guidance of the senior team,” said Mark. “The vision has clear goals and objectives but it is most pleasing to see that there is now an emerging culture of continuous improvement and an increased awareness from all staff as to their individual responsibilities and overall expectations.”

Later this year the launch of a Health and Safety software programme at all sites will make the management of site health and safety much easier. And, in 2020, a programme of Health and Safety leadership training will be delivered to our operations and production managers, team leaders and safety representatives to build on the good work that has already been done.

Make it Safe is now becoming an intrinsic part of everyone’s work ethos at Boxes and Packaging and we look forward to achieving even more together in the coming months and years.

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