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Manchester Prospers in Point of Sale Products

12 Aug 2019

Our Manchester factory has been producing high quality point of sale work for many years and has made some incredible partnerships across a variety of industry sectors.

The team design both the visual and structural sides of the point of sale stand to meet customer requirements. Functional, hardwearing and easy to construct point of sale provide a tangible retail solutions for many customers, either as part of stand-alone or ongoing marketing campaigns.

Point of sale stands are a perfect way to raise brand awareness quickly and easily. The vibrant colours attract many consumers to the product and store placement makes these stands hard to walk by without intrigue, especially in situations where brand association is essential to consumer choice. Generally, the target audience for these stands is endless and the genre of our customer varies widely; we provide point of sale work for companies ranging from food, to household and heavy duty automotive.

The acquisition of Cardboard Box Company to the Logson Group has added depth and breadth to the variety of work and print capabilities that Manchester can offer to its customers.

“We have built many excellent partnerships throughout our years of point of sale work and we are pleased to be able to drive forward this area of work in the North West and beyond,” said Gary Hargreaves Managing Director Boxes and Packaging (Manchester). “We are enjoying working closely alongside our colleagues at ‘Cardboard Box Company’ to refine and expand the range of capabilities we have, whilst continuing to help build brand awareness and support consumer demand.”

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