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The Cardboard Box Company supports packaging supply chain

04 Jun 2019

Boxes and Packaging is proud to be part of the Logson Group and within that group of companies is also The Cardboard Box Company.

Based in Accrington in the North West of the country, The Cardboard Box Company (CBC) was acquired by Logson almost a year ago and since then has continued to supply corrugated packaging materials across the UK in partnership with Boxes and Packaging.

Established in the early 1970’s the company now employs 93 people, predominantly from the local area, and had a turnover of £17m in 2018.

To support its production capabilities the company has just commenced a build programme that will deliver a 40,000 sq ft warehousing and distribution facility which will allow further growth from the middle of 2020 upon its completion.

CBC works across a number of industry sectors and has a portfolio of over 400 customers many of which are manufacturers and are based in the UK’s industrial heartland of East Lancashire. Approximately 65% of its sales are within Lancashire and 80% of its sales within the North West although it operates across the UK.

Since joining the Logson Group CBC has worked with Boxes and Packaging sites across the UK assisting with specialised products that facilitate customer demands but that cannot be manufactured in-house; it’s proving to be a fantastic partnership and one which is growing monthly in terms of revenue and inter-company sales.

With print technologies encompassing four colour flexo, litho-lamination, 6 colour HQPP (High Quality Post Print) and digital printing alongside a full digital design service, CBC is well placed to create the full range of corrugated packaging solutions from transit packaging to high quality FSDU’s and SRP’s.

Ken Shackleton Managing Director The Cardboard Box Company commented; “It’s been a great first year since we joined the Logson Group and the enhanced group presence and inter-company relationships have been hugely beneficial to us all. We shall look forward to developing these relationships in the coming months and to supporting customers all across the UK with sustainable high quality packaging solutions.”

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