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Asset Care Programme launched in Northern Region

02 May 2019

An Asset Care programme, designed to enhance maintenance and performance of all machinery at Merseyside, Manchester and Doncaster has been launched.

The objective, to implement a more detailed preventative maintenance programme to help improve the operational quality of key machines, was introduced earlier in the year with the support of senior teams and production staff at the northern sites, with improvements already being identified.

“All the primary machines at our northern sites are now subject of the Asset Care programme and clear progress has been made in both machine housekeeping, operational performance and operator engagement,” said Stacey Austin Northern Regional Managing Director. “The principle is simple, but it was essential that we formalised the structure to ensure each machine had detailed daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and cleaning action points.”

The eleven machines already integrated into the programme will be joined by all others across the northern sites in the second quarter of the year and will involve a further 20 machines. During 2019 the focus will be to deliver the programme, ensure it is adhered to and after twelve months assess its effectiveness.

“Even though it is still in its infancy the results have exceeded my expectations and that is credit to the operators, engineers and teams that have scheduled the downtime, implemented the maintenance schedule and delivered it so well,” said Stacey. “As the programme develops we will look to increase the number of maintenance and cleaning actions so that continuous development is achieved, helping us to extend the operational life of our equipment and make ongoing performance improvements.”

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