Scottish Staff Complete Enterprise Development Course

10 Dec 2018

A trio of staff from our Scottish sites have completed the Scottish Enterprise Business Improvement Academy programme after a ten-week developmental course.

Colin Hutchison and James Fowler from Boxshop, and Gavin O’Malley from Boxes and Packaging (Dumbarton) participated in various modules to challenge their leadership approach and identify areas within the business that they felt could be improved. All candidates undertook a project each, which culminated in individual presentations at Hampden Stadium to all business leaders from the companies that participated.

“I was incredibly impressed with their individual presentations and the positive results from their chosen projects which will deliver overall improvements and cost benefits to both Boxshop and B&P Dumbarton” said Scott Alexander Managing Director Boxshop and Boxes and Packaging (Dumbarton) “It is a pleasure to invest in our team when such commitment is shown and I am sure we will continue to see further changes and improvements within the business from the new skills they have learned. “

The programme covered a wide range of topics with participants creating their own individual projects that were pertinent to their current role and place of work with an over-arching aim of driving improvements.

“This has undoubtedly been a great success for Colin, James and Gavin and myself and Alison (Milligan) are very keen to have more candidates attend future courses to support the ongoing learning, development and improvement of our team.”

Picture: Gavin O’Malley, James Fowler and Colin Hutchinson

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